Gender Consulting

Network GenderConsulting in research alliances

The Network GenderConsulting in reseach alliances is an association of gender equality actors* who promote the development and implementation of gender equality measures for research alliances at universities and advise them in this regard (gender consulting).

The Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, trading with the Office for Gender Equality, is a member of the nationwide GenderConsulting network. Membership includes active participation in the network, in particular regular participation in network meetings. Once a year, the network also organises a meeting with representatives* of the German Research Foundation (DFG) to discuss women and challenges regarding gender equality measures and possible financing in a direct exchange. The cooperation is based on openness and at the same time confidentiality in the exchange of information, mutual give and take is the prerequisite for this.

The GenderConsulting network in research alliances adopted a Self-image at the network meeting on 28 February 2014 at Chemnitz University of Technology.



The central goals of the GenderConsulting network in research alliances are:

  • exchange of experience
    • on consulting strategies and processes
    • on the integration of GenderConsulting into the application process for research alliances and for cooperation with research and other organisational units of the respective university.
    • on best practice and quality assurance in the implementation of gender equality objectives and measures for research collaborations
  • Formulation of quality standards for gender consulting at higher education institutions
  • Development of strategies for quality assurance and ensuring the sustainability of gender equality measures initiated by gender consulting in research alliances
  • Establishment of gender consulting as a field of science management
  • Sustainable cooperation with the DFG and other relevant third-party funding bodies



The GenderConsulting network in research alliances cooperates with BuKoF:

  • a report at the annual meetings of the BuKoF within the framework of the general meeting,
  • the forwarding of the respective protocols to the BuKoF Executive Board, provided that confidentiality is maintained, and
  • Cooperation with the BuKoF Executive Board in the case of overarching science policy and strategic issues.

The network works together with other established equality networks and associations (national conferences, Network Gender Equality Controlling, Network GEx, Women's and Gender Equality Officers of the TU9 etc.) as well as with national and international science policy actors.

The network strives for systematic cooperation, in particular with the DFG and other major third-party donors (e.g. BMBF and EU), in order to promote and sustain the implementation of gender equality in research alliances.


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