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Interdisciplinary research conference by and for young scientists* of the OVGU

"Disciplinary Research through a Gender and Diversity Lens"


On 27.05.2020 the Interdisciplinary Research Conference by and for young scientists* of the OVGU will take place, organized by the Faculty of Human Sciences in cooperation with the Office for Equal Opportunities of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg.

Technology, work, education and health are only a few of the fields in which behavior patterns and needs differ by biological and social gender and diversity characteristics. This variation is increasingly reflected in a wide range of research, from barrier-free urban planning to age-appropriate digitisation and technologisation to gender-specific medication. The aim of the Young Scientists* Conference is to facilitate an interdisciplinary exchange between researchers who take an ex- or implicit look at gender and/or diversity from their respective disciplinary perspectives.

We welcome all abstracts,

  • that explicitly focus on gender in their research (e.g. Gender mainstreaming in a comparative perspective, gender as an independent characteristic or part of diversity?)
  • that place an explicit focus on diversity in their research (e.g. Religious diversity and social integration, age-appropriate working environment(s) and/or learning concepts)
  • that focus on a specific group or characteristic in their research (e.g. Discrimination against men in childcare, the characteristics of a female heart attack, making the Internet available to people with visual impairment)
  • that compare between groups or characteristics in their research (e.g. Gender Pay Gap, Educational successes of people with and without a migration background)
  • or a combination thereof.

All junior researchers* (including post-docs*) at the OVGU are invited to present findings from ongoing or completed research in their respective discipline at the Young Scientiests* Conference "Disciplinary Research with a View to Gender and Diversity". Applicants* have the opportunity to present their research in the form of short presentations and scientific posters.

Contributions from researchers from all fields of research are welcome, for example:

  • computer science
  • (including MINT areas)
  • product development
  • labour market and labour market research
  • health and care research
  • medicine and neuroscience
  • economy
  • media education
  • humanities, social sciences and educational sciences
  • and many more


Call for Abstracts

Abstracts can be submitted as PDF files until 20.01.2020 by e-mail to the following address: bianca.lange@ovgu.de .
Notes on submitting abstracts:

  • Abstracts should contain between 300 and 500 words
  • Abstracts can be written in German or English language
  • Research with several authors*: Enter the names and affiliations of all authors* and identify the presenter*. Correspondence on the abstract will be conducted with the submitter*. Unless otherwise indicated in the abstract, the person* submitting the abstract will be included in the programme as the presenter*.
  • Enter a preference for verbal presentation or poster presentation. It might not be possible to consider all wishes - in that case you will be informed about any changes as early as possible.

Instructions for the submission of abstracts and for possible research topics can be found compactly as PDF in German and English.

Prof.in. Drin. Susanne Peters, Dean of FHW
Dr.in. Sandra Tiefel, Central Equal Opportunities Officer

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