Guest lectures and teaching assignments

To promote gender equality work at faculty level, educational events such as guest lectures and teaching assignments for the implementation of gender aspects in research and teaching can be financed. This applies to the optional/ non-technical areas of the degree programmes (degree programmes qualifying for occupations) in order to enable students to acquire the corresponding key qualifications.

Financial support is provided for subject-related and interdisciplinary lectures on gender-specific topics. The courses and lectures must be aimed at students and young academics. Both external and internal lecturers can be financially supported.

Please note:
Guest lectures and teaching assignments may not be used to cover compulsory teaching!


For guest lectures, the guideline "Richtlinie zur Beantragung und Abrechnung von Gastvorträgen" as well as the standard forms for applying for and accounting for travel expenses apply. The daily fee is 125.00 (incl. possible sales tax).

For teaching assignments, the "Hinweisblatt für Lehrbeauftragte" as well as the corresponding application forms, the capacity classification, billing, time sheet, travel expenses, personnel sheet for external persons apply. The hourly rate is 18.00 / hour.

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