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Goals and tasks

The equal opportunities officer supports the Otto-von-Guericke-University by implementing the legal mission to actually establish gender mainstreaming at the entire university. She advises and supports the members of the university in questions of gender equality. The equal opportunities duties are divided into three wide areas of responsibility.

  • consulting and support
  • working at the OVGU
  • networking and public relation tasks

Consulting and companionship

  • in case of disadvantages in order to gender
  • in case of disadvantages in order to the sexual orientation
  • in case of disadvantages in order to geographical and/or social origin
  • in case of disadvantages in order to mental and/or physical constitution
  • in case of sexual harassment


  • through financial and qualifying assistance
  • for planning the career in one’s study and at the workplace
  • for implementing the central/peripheral equal opportunities projects 

Further consulting offers at the OVGU

  • family commissioner
  • disabled commissioner
  • foreign commissioner
  • healthcare commissioner
  • Graduate School
  • Staff Council
  • Students Council
  • Career Service

Working at the OVGU

  • On the development planning of the University
  • On the structure- and staff decisions
  • On the development of equal opportunities concepts and plans
  • On the development and implementation of arrangements for women’s support, equality and gender mainstreaming
  • Through working with the committees and commissions

Networking and public relations work

  • Cooperation and networking on a regional and national level with:
    • Equal opportunities officer of the city
    • Political round-table of women from the state capital Magdeburg
    • Federal agency of the city
    • Coordination centre for women and gender studies
    • State meeting of the equal opportunities officers in Saxony-Anhalt
    • women’s organisation of the state Saxony-Anhalt
    • Meeting of women’s and gender representatives on a national level
    • Local women’s organisations
    • Socroptimist International
  • Working on public relations
    • Initiating and support of academic examinations, projects, exhibition, colloquium, conventions, guest lectures in the field of women’s studies and gender mainstreaming questions
    • Organisation of events that contribute to the theory and practice transfer of particular fields of women’s and gender studies, the target is to give an insight into the entire topic
    • Development of information material (leaflets, poster, )

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