Lecture series WS 2020/21

Grafik Genderbalken

Interdisciplinary lecture series:
"Gender in den Technik-, Natur-, Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften"

Winter semester 2019/20, on Mondays 13.15-14.45 p.m.,
Building 40, Room 326 (FHW-Campus)

Prof. Dr. Andrea Wolffram (Marianne-Schminder-Gastprofessorin Gender and Technology Studies)
Magdeburger Gender Campus mit Dr. Sandra Tiefel (Büro für Gleichstellungsfragen der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg)


In recent years, gender studies has generated numerous findings and impulses in the technical and scientific disciplines, which have led to critical reflections on disciplinary knowledge and new perspectives. Oriented towards the international project 'Gendered Innovations', we would like to discuss openly and critically the opportunities of gender studies in this interdisciplinary lecture series. On the basis of current scientific localization and
Discourses will be explored to determine whether and which gender perspectives stimulate research and enable new kinds of questions. Guest speakers* who have one of their research focuses in this area will present their research at the event. These will be linked to topics that are also dealt with in the departments and research foci of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. Accordingly, the lectures follow the discourses in the research contexts on site and deal with the question of the perspectives and potentials of gender studies for the technical, natural, sustainability and medical (technical) sciences.

The acquisition of 4 to 5 CP is possible. Modular crediting is differentiated according to degree programmes, see LSF.

Childcare is possible, please contact Dr. Lesske in advance. (loreen.lesske@ovgu.de)

Students of all disciplines as well as employees are invited to attend the lecture series. The public event is also aimed at representatives* of gender studies, gender equality officers and all regional actors* in the field of gender and diversity.




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