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Newsletter Women in Science @ OVGU

The Newsletter is published on a regular base and bunches information of the Women-in-Science network at Otto-von-Guerick-University Magdeburg. It contains tips for events or trainings, job announcements, fellowships, scientific competitions or press reports on women in academia.

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Mentoring Programmes

at OVGU and elsewhere

Support programmes for women in academia

Women are still underrepresented in academic systems worldwide. Support programmes to promote gender equality in academia create measures that help smooth out ‘minor discrepancies’. Here you can learn more about specific support programmes for women in academia.

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Female Scientist Database "FemConsult"

FemConsult includes qualification profiles of graduated or habilitated female scientists in Germany. It can either be used by employers such as universities or research institutions that are looking for candidates to fill out an empty position, or by scientists who want to present themselves for the scientific job market and who would like to be recruited for professorships, scientific panels, lectures, etc.

FemConsult (German Only)

Network of Excellent Female Researchers "AcademiaNet"

The network "AcademiaNet" was established in 2011 by the Robert Bosch Foundation and Spektrum der Wissenschaft with the goal to become a tool for excellent female researchers and employers who want to fill vacancies of influent scientific positions. Female researchers have got the chance to present themselves to relevant employers while as for the employers it gets easier to find professionally qualified staff.


Career Center for Women "Femtec"

Femtec is a network that closely cooperates with technology companies and technical universities in order to support female leaders within scientific and engineering branches. The company offers taster-courses for engineering jobs for girls, a career-building-programme and a network of alumnae for female engineers and natural scientists.

Femtec (German Only)

CEWS Center of Competence Women in Science

CEWS defines itself as a think tank of the Leibniz Institut of Social Sciences and trys in many different ways to push on with  the equality of women and men in both sciences and research. For instance it is offering services in scientific research on gender equality, policy counselling, transfer of knowlegde and in the evaluation of measures of gender equality in sciences.


Programme of Lady Professors by the BMBF

The German Federal Ministery of Education and Research (BMBF) has been running a programme for lady professors since 2008 which aims for the staff of indefinite professorships for women at German universities and unversities of applied sciences. Universities can apply for financial support if their gender equality concept has been positively evaluated.

Women in Academia (German Only)

Campaign "Women in Research and Innovation"

By launching the campaign "women in research and innovation" the European Commission wants to encourage women to enter on a career in research. The campaign is divided into three phases in order to adress girls and women of all ages. One of the age-appropriate actions is "science -it's a girls' thing" which adresse teenagers at the age of 13-18 and intends to win girls over to working in research. Next step will be to adress female students and to make them think about research as one option to start a career. All of those activities aim to change the under-representation of women in research and innovation.

Science -it's a girls' thing

National Pact for Women in STEM Careers

The National Pact for Women in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is an alliance of the German Federal Government, the Federal Employment Agency, companies, (trade) unions,  universities, research institutions, networks for women and technology, media and public institutions. The members of the alliance commit themselves to increase the number of women in leading positions of STEM, to reach a hiher percentage of women in natural scientific of engineering study pathes and to support women talented in engineering.

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