Marianne Schminder

The Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg reminds of Prof. Dr. Marianne Schminder, the first woman with a doctorate and the first female professor in engineering sciences at the Hochschule für Schwermaschinenbau Magdeburg, by establishing the guest professorship.

Marianne Schminder, born in Liegnitz, Silesia, in 1923, took up a post as a new teacher in Saxony after the end of the Second World War, building on her studies of chemistry, physics and mathematics. In 1955 she successfully applied for an assistant position at the Hochschule für Schwermaschinenbau, where she gradually succeeded in advancing.

In 1958 she became head of the Electron Microscopy and Enclosure Foiling group without a doctorate and became senior assistant in the same year. In 1961 she was the 'first doctoral student' at the Institute of Materials Science and Testing to earn her doctorate on the subject of "Development of an apparatus for the electrolytic isolation of carbides". In 1967 she submitted her habilitation in materials science, after several years as a lecturer. Only two years later she was appointed professor for "non-metallic materials and their testing". As a lateral entrant in a field dominated by men, she obtained several patents.

In addition to her scientific achievements and technical achievements, she quickly mobilized the brownfield work of the Women's Committee and organized contact with industry and other universities and technical colleges to exchange experiences. She successfully worked "in laborious work with the authorities and the university management" for the establishment of a university kindergarten in order to create scope for the qualification and further training of women and girls. Marianne Schminder succeeded in ensuring that the university reported every six months on the fulfilment of the women's promotion plan and actively supported an increase in the number of female assistants at the university who were doing their doctorates.

As a professor in mechanical engineering and promoter of young women in science and industry, she is a role model for today's gender equality work, which is closely linked to scientific expertise. The Marianne Schminder Guest Professorship with partial denomination of gender studies is intended to enable gender-sensitive perspectives on processes in teaching, research and transfer at the OVGU, particularly in the MINT subjects.

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