Graduation scholarship for doctoral candidates


Applications are now possible again. The revision of the award criteria for the graduation scholarships has been made.


The scholarship is adjusted to doctoral candidates of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (hereinafter called OVGU) with family burdens who are in their final stage of their doctorate and need financial support.


The OVGU is a family-friendly university which means that the compatibility of studying, teaching, research and family tasks has a very high priority. To care for a family must not become a handicap for the academic career. In the final stage of the doctorate in particular, fulfillment of family tasks could lead to an unscheduled delay in the doctorate scheme as well as due to the funding gap.


To close financing gaps in case of family dependent delays, a graduation scholarship is being organized upon request. Subject to available means[1] the OVGU allocates these to doctoral candidates, provided that following conditions are fulfilled:

  • family responsibilities (for example persons who entitled to custody of at least one child or carer of other dependent persons in need of care following § 7 Abs. 3 und 4 PflegeZG) leading to a delay of the doctorate,
  • the (family) income does not exceed the basic tax-free amounts[2],
  • the doctorate is in the process of being completed (the supervisor is assessing the level of the doctorate that way, that it will be realistic to submit within three months starting from the granting of the scholarship).

The scholarship is addressed to graduates of all faculties and fields, if they are enrolled to the OVGU as doctoral candidates (according to promotion regulations in force). Research stays at home and abroad are not subsidised. The scholarship is granted for up to three months.[3]

The amount of the scholarship is based on the State Graduate Sponsorship Programme and amounts to 1.100 euros (basic amount). In the case of childcare it increases by childcare allowance; that is paid for children until the completion of their 12th year of age and includes 160 euros for one child, 210 euros for two children and 260 euros for three or more children.


The following documents are needed to be submitted:

  • application for granting a graduation scholarship
  • curriculum vitae
  • suitable proof in relation to family responsibilities specified in the application (birth certificate of the child/children requiring care, proof of the care level relating to the persons being cared for etc.)
  • confirmation of the supervisor of the doctoral thesis, that the doctorate will be completed during the funding period (including work and time schedule)
  • enrollment certificate as doctoral candidate of the OVGU respectively proof of acceptance of the doctoral thesis at the OVGU (in accordance with promotion regulation of each faculty) 
  • appropriate proof (possibly affidavit) that one is not in receipt of any other income respectively the tax allowances were not exceeded

Award Criteria:

In addition to the applicants' qualifications, the applications funded are selected for final scholarships:

  • the prospect of actually successfully submitting the dissertation within the requested period (vote by the supervisor)
  • according to the conclusiveness of the family reasons for the delay of the close conclusion (CV and declaration of the applicants)
  • after proof that sufficient financing is not available within the requested period.

The decision on the application will be taken by a commission in a timely manner.
Applications can be submitted at any time if required; they are awarded in the order in which they are received following a decision by the selection committee.

Applications in written form must be sent at least one month/ max. three months before the desired start of funding:

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Büro für Gleichstellungsfragen
PSF 4120
39016 Magdeburg

Here you can download the application for the grant of the graduation scholarship in English.

Here you can find the text in the form of a PDF document.  

Please approach the office for gender equality in case of further questions.



(1) Scholarship funds are provided for a total of 6 scholarships per calendar year (3 for mothers financed by PPII, 3 for fathers financed by HSP).

(2) An additional income is possible in accordance with State Graduate Sponsorship Programme and the granting of tax-free allowances: in 2018 basic tax-free amounts for single persons are 9.000 euros/ to married persons and civil partnerships 18.000 euros, for every child 7.400 euros each (for example a single parent + 2 children = 23.800 euros per year, monthly 1.983,33 euros). When there are low exceedings (maximum 10%) of the basic tax-free amounts the commission decides about a proportionate financing on application.

(3) In exceptional and justifiable cases an extension for a further period of two months is possible on application.


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