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Mentoring within COMETiN means that an experienced leader from research and science (mentor) advises a qualified young female scientist (mentee) concerning professional questions and supports her personal development. 
Definition of a mentoring relationship
  • mentoring is based on an encouraging relationship beyond institutional hierarchies
  • this relationship will be established in the course of a formal mentoring programme -such as COMETiN- and can persist while the programme is running
  • the mentoring relationship is formed between a junior scientist (mentee) and an experienced scientist (mentor).The mentee would be on her way to a dissertation or a postdoctoral lecture qualification and actively want to build up a career and look for somebody to exchange experiences with, while as her mentor, having a wealth of experience, would exactly be a person to talk to
  • the aim of every mentoring relationship is the promotion of the mentee during her professional development in research and science
Your advantages of taking part in COMETiN:
for mentees:
  • expansion of key competences for your career
  • elaboration of your professional profile
  • building up networks by getting to know other mentees and mentors
  • boost of your autonomy and development of a critical understanding for science and research systems
  • encouragement and support for your career in science and research
 for mentors
  • the chance of supporting young scientists outside of hierarchical relations and sharing your experiences
  • possibility of self-reflection and exchange with other mentors
  • examination of your own supporting and leading behaviour

Mentoring Guideline for your Mentoring-Relationship


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